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Cedar + Spruce Studios

Paws for Teddy - Print

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** read below to learn the original story behind these Paw for Teddy prints. We are so thankful to have met our goal and want to show our thanks by giving back- 100% of all Paws for Teddy print purchases will be donated to the American Humane Society!

Meet Teddy! He's a rambunctious little dude that loves arm pit rubs and good morning songs. We adopted him in June of 2021 knowing that he was at a higher risk for developing heartworm due to him coming from a southern state. Unfortunately monthly preventatives didn't do the trick and our favorite guy tested positive for heartworm this past December. We're looking at some pretty pricey vet bills to get our boy on the road to recovery and wanted to put together a little campaign dedicated to our best pal, Ted.

These stamped prints measure 4" x 4" and were hand carved by me to look like Teddy's very own hairy little paw or goofy face. I have the colors pictured here as well as several brighter and more colorful inks - you will receive a surprise color! 

Thank you so so much for supporting our little family! <3