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Arc Propagation Station - Coloring Contest Edition

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Handmade using the Tiffany method of stained glass. 

Measures approx. 3” x 9”. A small glass test tube is included that is perfect for holding 1-3 small stems.

Original design - not to be recreated. 

Design choices: Arc or Daisy.

Please refer to color chart photo to select your color option.

** contains lead - wash hands thoroughly after handling!

Made to order: 4-6 weeks craft time from date of purchase.


If you follow me on Instagram you know I like to host coloring contest giveaways from time to time. Here are my favorites from my arc propagation station design coloring contest:

1. Melon Madness: @snicoleo22

2. August: @grraceharris

3. Retro Roller Rink: @floatingcolor.stainedglass 

4. A Serpent’s Paradise: @morgan_verble

5. Creamsicle Swirl: @desssssy

6. 70s Dream: @heyhandpoke

7. Riverbed Ripple: @etal.lison

8. Fresh Sprigs: @abigail_frances

9. Grapevine: @sierrawiggles

10. Blueberry Surprise: @blameitonthebento

11. 1972: @othernegatives

12. Morning Coffee: @chloefratt

13. The Minimalist: @meganwinand